Luke Wood

Keras Team Member, Google Machine Learning Researcher, Ph.D Student, Game Developer, Teacher

Currently I am:

  • working on Keras
  • authoring the Computer Vision extension package to Keras, KerasCV
  • working on my Doctorate at UCSD in Peter Gerstoft's Noiselab
  • a machine learning researcher on Tensorflow's Neural Structured learning team
  • brainstorming new experiments to run, contact me if you have any ideas
  • working on a realtime multiplayer browser game,
  • gathering high quality multiplayer web games for

In the past I:

  • worked on Cloud Shell for 3 years
  • developed kubernetes tooling to autoscale colyseus servers
  • built WizardWars from scratch with no game engine
  • worked on distributed graph analysis algorithms at AT&T Big Data
  • taught at The League of Amazing Programmers


I spend my remaining free time surfing, singing, playing guitar, working on research, free diving, and checking out the local tide pools.


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