Turning My Cactus into a Video Game


Today I wanted to mess around with 3D model scanning. I decided to turn my Cactus into a game prototype.


To get started I needed to take a 3d scan of my cactus. Recently an app called display.land was launched. The app lets you scan objects with your phone's camera and turn them into 3d models.

I downloaded the app and launched it on my iPhone.

Scanning my Cactus

The app was pretty easy to use! After three attempts I got a scan I was happy with. I downloaded the scan from the display.land web client and loaded it up in blender to give it some touchups.

After about 20 minutes of working in blender I had this result:

Blender trimmed result

Compare this to the original

My beautiful cactus

I think this looks pretty awesome!

Making it a Game

Now that I had the model I wanted to do something fun with it. I decided to load the model up in unity and use it as a "level" for a "game". Really there's no point to the game but other than to test out the scanned model.

I added some Unity physics components to a character, wrote some scripts to move the player, and added collision to the mesh created from the 3d scan.

You can try the demo below!!!

Move with WASD, Jump with space


Scanning real life objects with the new display.land app is an awesome way to make levels for games. I had a blast making this prototype this evening and think the stage looks better than what I could've made in a comparable amount of time. I'm looking forwards to making a real game with what I learned today.


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