Luke Wood

Indie Game Developer, KerasCV, Keras core, TensorFlow, Ph.D Candidate
Yeti Studios (Indepdendent), ex-Google, & UC San Diego

Luke Wood is a Machine Learning Specialist and a Software Engineering Generalist.

Currently, I'm taking a short break between roles and working on WizardWars.online. I'll be beginning a new role July 10.

Previously, I was focuses are in making KerasCV a powerful and expressive library to solve common Computer Vision tasks and publishing high quality research in top Machine Learning conferences. This took place while working full time at Google on the Keras team, and pursuing his Doctorate in Machine Learning at UC San Diego under Peter Gerstoft.

While my current focus is on Machine Learning Research and Applied Computer Vision, in the past I has authored Google scale distributed systems in Go to power Google Cloud Shell, implemented a large scale static code analysis tool surfacing over 88 security vulnerabilities in Google's code base, written distributed multiplayer game engines in Typescript, crafted 3D data visualizations using ThreeJS and WebGL at AT&T, authored metaprogramming libraries in Elixir, and has authored numerous web applications.

As an Open Source evangelist, I've made significant technical contribution to numerous well regarded Open Source packages including: